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Who gets hired the best interviewer or the best candidate?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I will freely admit I have hired the best interviewer in some instances and have been pleasantly surprised in some cases and other times filled with regret.

As years turned into decades my approach changed slightly, and I moved away from the customer or non-customer facing hiring philosophy that is prevalent in call centers. Since then it's been clear to me every role should be about serving customers; whether internal or external they are equally important skill sets for any company looking at their workforce demographics.

I have moved away from STAR questions and follow a conversational style interview process that allows me to understand what is important to the person being interviewed. This works exceptionally well for candidate screening.

One golden nugget I share with anyone I meet with regarding Call Center recruiting is that before you get what you want, you have to know what you want.

Identify the behavioral traits that will set up an individual for success and what skills they will need to perform the key tasks in the first year.

Re-think your recruitment process and adjust to make it relevant to the role, this gives you some insight into how to hire the best candidate and not only the ones that perform the best in the interviews.

Scott Sullivan is a veteran of the Call Center industry and founder of Insight BPO with a career spanning 20+ years leading and supporting global brands across multiple geographies.

Insight BPO advises call center organizations on outsourcing strategies, strategic recruiting and elevating CX performance.

Interested in Insight BPO's call center leadership recruiting solutions? Please contact us or 251-363-2011

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