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EX + CX= CX 2.0

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Without taking into account the Employee Experience (EX) a CX strategy is somewhat flat. People support the strategy…

Why is it that we spend on understanding CX, yet cringe when asked to invest in understanding EX.

Simply, the customer ROI is easier to prove and has the perception of improving the company.

Yet, nothing will improve customer satisfaction more than engagement with an employee that is engaged and happy.

To test that theory head on over to Glassdoor, poor customer service generally poor reviews. Best in class customer service generally fantastic reviews.

Companies that are including EX into their CX strategies ( CX 2.0 ) are market leaders and tend to received high marks from their customers and employees.

Are you incorporating EX into your CX roadmap?

Scott Sullivan is a veteran of the Call Center industry and founder of Insight BPO with a career spanning 20+ years leading and supporting global brands across multiple geographies.

Insight BPO advises call center organizations on outsourcing strategies, strategic recruiting and elevating CX performance.

Interested in Insight BPO's call center leadership recruiting solutions? Please contact us or 251-363-2011

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